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$200,000 Campaign

Children and teens with autism need support 365 days a year. They need extra help navigating online instructions and learning. Like all of us, they need someone to care. For the last eight years, Brighter Future Charity has been making a difference for those with autism and now we’re raising $200,000 with the support of generous donors like you, so that we can provide 365 days of support, 300 hours supervised community support, and 12 days of direct support even during COVID-19 for each student in our program. Join us in our campaign to be a friend to those who need it most. Go to help today and donate now and thank you for being a friend!

Brighter Friendships is a safe place where individuals alike and different, can come together and create and share memories while having fun.

Brighter Future Charity Information

Brighter Future Charity is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization devoted to enriching and empowering the lives of youth, adults, and families within the Autism Community. We promote and foster inclusivity for all and believe everyone has a gift to share with the world. Share a Smile and Make a Friend!

Objectives of Organization: Our organization pairs individuals who fall on the autism spectrum, with skills coaches and volunteers at local events to help foster professional and social skill development through shared experiences in the community. Our event-based program nurtures self-discovery for individuals with autism, to learn and practice social and career skills unique to their wants and needs. We strive to foster inclusivity amongst all communities. We work towards providing individuals on the autism spectrum, opportunities to develop lasting relationships in their communities and make new friends on the spectrum, and new friends who are not. 

Targeted Population: Brighter Future creates respite space at community events and festivals for families affected by autism or with special needs. We fill our amazing space with coaches and caregivers to help those individuals and families participate in the event. Our program helps connect these families with their communities and gives extra support on weekends when it is often needed most.

Learn what we stand for and find out what sets us apart from the rest!

Brighter Friendships Daily Challenge

Brighter Friendships Challenge Rules

Welcome To Brighter Friendships, the daily challenge game that rewards players with real prizes! Be sure to check our Instagram page for the challenge each day and back here to see who has the most points.

The game is simple enough to play and only has 5 rules.

1. Like and Follow the Brighter Friendships Instagram Account.

2. Check the daily Instagram post for the day’s challenge.

3. Complete the challenge and be sure to tag the Brighter Friendships Instagram account.

4. Be kind to other players and use appropriate language.

5. Turn in your points for sweet prizes listed here on our Facebook page and in our Amazon Marketplace.

Have fun and good luck playing the Brighter Friendships Daily Challenge!

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As a nonprofit, we rely on the generosity of individual donors to help fund our programs.  100% of your gift is tax-deductible, make a contribution today!